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May 22, 2015

The Great Divide with Joseph Stiglitz and Robert Reich

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Economist Joseph Stiglitz and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich reminisce about opposing “corporate welfare” during their days in the Clinton Administration and talk here about problematic trade deals, income inequality and Stiglitz’s new book, “The Great Divide: Unequal Societies and What We Can Do About Them.” Reich and Stiglitz are presented by the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.

James Grant: The Forgotten Depression

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If you've never heard of the Depression of 1921, it's because the federal government and the (then new) Federal Reserve did the opposite of what they did in 2008: federal spending was cut, the federal budget was balanced, and interest rates were allowed to rise. In other words, real austerity measures were implemented. The result? A short economic contraction that healed itself.

If you want to understand why TARP stimulus, too big to fail bank bailouts, and quantitative easing make our current economic crisis worse, there's nobody better than Jim Grant to explain.

Don Drummond: Canada's "Atrocious" Economy?

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Blackberry | Jacquie McNish Reveals Inside Story (Full Interview)

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Rates And Bonds: A Look At The Past 4 Rising Rate Periods

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  • On May 22, Janet Yellen (again) suggested her desire to increase the Federal Funds rate in 2015.
  • Many investors are worried this will decimate their bond holdings.
  • I look at the experience during the past four rising rate periods.
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