August 31, 2016

Consequences of the Turkish coup attempt

BAKU - The military coup in Turkey is over and President Recep Erdogan’s crackdown is in full swing. As of this writing, the government has already detained over 10.000 servicemen, among them more than 100 generals and admirals. Another 8.000 police officers have been sacked and nearly 3.000 judges and prosecutors have been dismissed. Furthermore, roughly 15.000 officials from the educational ministry and about 23.000 teachers have lost their jobs. The list is still expanding but thus far Erdogan’s purge has affected nearly 60.000 people.

In Turkey, there is relief that the military takeover failed. However, there is also a surreal dark side as uncertainty looms over the country. In this report we will look at the consequences of the failed coup and what Erdogan’s purge will mean for Turkey and the region.

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