July 13, 2016

Risk From Abrupt Climate Change is Enormous

People (public, politicians, even scientists) are terrible at evaluating RISK. As a result, society makes many stupid choices and fails to worry and deal with the most serious problems. People need to worry a lot more about abrupt climate change, which dwarfs all other risks.


  1. I recall scientists were surprised when they realized the Medieval Warming period (you know the one Michael Mann (of "Mann" Made Global Warming fame and the infamous "trick" to hid the decline in global temps - the decline the Jackass didn't predict with their billion dollar models) - the same MEW Period he tried to smooth out with his BS tree ring data - yeah that one...) ended rather abruptly, so much so, the Viking settlements in Greenland died out (a likely fate of the Canadian settlement). They were likely frozen in port and Iceland's population fell as happen throughout Europe.

    Be afraid! Especially of idiots warming the sky is falling - they may eventually get it right by pure chance alone.

    (BTW My professor studies Global Cooling using early satellite readings in the mid-70 when the alarmist warned of a new ice age. He was funded by da gubamint...like this guy probably is. The UN wants their global taxing authority to shove global gubamint up our asses.)

    BE AFRAID - of global gubamint.

    1. Alarmist, da guvament, terms used by oil and coal shill climate deniers

  2. You are bother us with this rambling whiner? Seriously!?! (He asks: "Are we in the Twilight Zone?" No, but he is.) LOL It;s Trump's fault!!!!

    Go back and ask him how much of his research comes from da gubamint.

    Oh yeah...also look here: https://wattsupwiththat.com/reference-pages/sea-ice-page/