July 27, 2016

Inflation-adjusted Dow since 1900

For some long-term stock market perspective, today's chart illustrates the inflation-adjusted Dow since 1900 -- there are several points of interest. Take for example an unlucky buy-and-hold investor that invested in the Dow right at the dot-com peak of December 1999. A decade and a half later, the inflation-adjusted Dow is up a mere 12%. That is not altogether an impressive performance considering that over 16 years have passed. On the other hand, take the investor who bought right at the end of the financial crisis. The inflation-adjusted Dow is up a significant 129% from its financial crisis lows -- not bad for a for a seven year investment. More recently, the inflation-adjusted Dow has rallied and is now only 1.2% away from a new all-time record high.

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