July 12, 2016

If Robots Take Our Jobs, What Will Be Left for Humans to Do?


  1. Look at the geeks and economic insiders they are asking. What do you expect? Anything that looks like the reality that is already occurring as economic outsiders drift into the urban cores. They refuse to peer down that dark hole...

    The answer is obvious nitwits...look in the urban war zones... Drugs, gangs, sex and babies and violence. And of course there will be some enclaves of learning around universities - just like in the middle ages but these too will have to deal the "gimmie dats" who want anything that they can sell to get high.

    There will also be enclaves around church and big gubamint handout centers (which have stolen that function for churches by the statists who worship big gubamint.)

    Big Pharma will continue to put out new and advanced happy pills and psychotropics to be handed out like candy by docs that filter into the street and the outsider mobs.

    And there will riots and roving gangs that fan out into economic insider territory - which look more like walled off communities with private security armies.

    And of course, more war to consume surplus and create the kind of opportunities Krugman and vile ilk dream about...ie the broken window creates jobs... don't cha know. Jobs for the latest greatest robots.

    Stare down that hole...you geeks.

  2. Oh yeah and to distract us from gubamint corruption - they will keep importing the barbaric cult to help create the inner turmoil in and around the urban core to justify a big police state.

    I saw a stat that the barbaric cult raped an estimated 1200 girls and women on New Year's Eve in Germany. Train the masses to need a big police presence to protect themselves from nitwit policy makers.

    Pls explain why? I know they need to back fill their failing Ponzi Scheme of socialized pensions and healthcare...but why the cult? Ask Soros - he funded the invasion.