January 20, 2016

Ray Dalio on the end of the debt cycle


  1. Mark.
    Is there any other tool available to Central Banks other than QE? When the rates are already so low or at 0, how can there be any real adjustments?

    1. Denise - Some central banks have resorted to negative interest rates. Here's an explanation: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/negative-interest-rate-policy-nirp.asp

  2. Thank you, Mark.
    That makes sense. I remember that move from last year and now will have to research the economic responses to it. From my little place on the planet, it doesn't look too helpful. Fingers crossed for all. I'm guessing this asymmetry on the downside was inevitable. Here's to our forging new paths towards global stability across the board. Thanks again.