December 14, 2014

Documentary: At Home with the Terror Suspects

The government says they are dangerous international terrorists with links to al Qa’eda. They have spent years in Belmarsh prison but now live under partial house arrest on Britain’s streets. They have never been convicted in open court.

To tell their side of the story - one that the government does not want to bring before a jury - Dispatches shows their video diaries and investigates the use of secret evidence in the fight against terrorism.

One of the featured terror subjects, Mahmoud Abu Rideh, was later allowed to leave the country so long as promised never to return. In December 2010, he was killed by a NATO airstrike while fighting in Afghanistan.

Mouloud Sihali was exonerated of all links to terrorism but is awaiting extradition to Algeria.

Reporter/Producer: Phil Rees
Director: Esther Oxford
Editor: Caroline Sarin
Consultant Editor: Gary Beelders
Camera: David Niblock
Production Manager: Flick Crawford
Executive Producer: Fiona Stourton

At Home with the Terror Suspects from Phil Rees on Vimeo.

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