December 11, 2014

Cops use taser on woman while she recorded arrest of another man

...and the related lawsuit

Of course, it's not all one-sided. Here's the BS that cops have to deal with:

Description from the original poster:
The dash-cam video from the El Paso Police cruiser from the moment an
officer was shot in a drive-by shooting.

The man pulled over, is now speaking out about the shocking incident.
In the 14-minute video, the camera captures Officer Mike Garcia making a
traffic stop in the on North Loop in October, go up to the car to talk
to the driver, and then return to his cruiser.
It is at this point when he is back at his cruiser, off camera, that gunshots can be heard when Garcia is shot during the drive-by.
Garcia can then be heard radioing dispatch that he has been shot.

The man who had been stopped for a possible traffic violation, Horacio
Castaneda, then gets out of his car and goes toward the unseen officer
to render aid. Over the next 12 minutes or so, more officers arrive on
the scene to investigate the shooting.
Castaneda said he was not scared, but just wanted to help the officer in need.
"When I heard the officer scream, I saw him through the mirror and
that's when I saw him on the floor and then another car came by and
stopped," Castaneda said. "I said well lets help out and call the police
or firefighters and that's when he called."

Police say that 30-year-old Frank Aparicio picked Garcia at random to
shoot at before Aparicio killed a woman and killed himself hours later.

Officer Garcia is currently at home recovering from his injuries

This one is of a cop getting shot at during a traffic stop:

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