December 9, 2014

Blood Covered Walls in Central American Punishment Cells (1998)

Think your life is rough?

Author's description:
My father did missionary work with his own time and money for over 20 years. He distributed medication and renovated prisons throughout Central and South America. These are the only photos of the prison that exist in the world and were taken during an inspection.

The Punishment Cells... possibly the worst place in the world for a human to be forced to endure.

Inmates, most with violent convictions, were forced to stand in these tiny cells for weeks, months... years. These cells were the final resting place for many. Some, killed by their fellow inmates.

Drawings done in human blood covered the walls. Piss and bloody shit covered the floors and "toilets." Some cells were packed so tight that people could only stand shoulder to shoulder. No laying down.

If you're not in this prison... life can't be that bad. :)

This prison was closed down after Hurricane Mitch destroyed it in 1998. Prior to the Hurricane, inmates were being transferred to a new prison. Riots broke out and many prison guards and inmates were killed.

Once the hurricane hit, flood waters drowned the majority of inmates that were left behind. Any who were able to climb the walls were picked off by guards on the other side.

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