November 13, 2014

Russian Government Reportedly Behind Catastrophic Virus Targeting Critical Infrastructure

When I hear the words 'virus', 'critical infrastructure' and 'economic catastrophe' I fear the worst. With a theoretical press of a button, Putin turns off the electrical grid. That means electricity, communications, power, Internet, bank balances, ATMs, grocery stores, etc. All shut down. Next move? Russian bombers over a defenseless Cleveland?

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From ABC News:

A destructive “Trojan Horse” malware program has penetrated the software that runs much of the nation’s critical infrastructure and is poised to cause an economic catastrophe, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

National Security sources told ABC News there is evidence that the malware was inserted by hackers believed to be sponsored by the Russian government, and is a very serious threat.


  1. more power to him. ever been to cleveland?

  2. Unfortunately, the US is more than likely behind this backdoor virus as one of its false flag arsenals it can use to blame any enemy it likes!!! After all, it was the US who made the chips, and US companies who built the backdoors with NSA collaboration.

  3. Pure claptrap. It won't be Russia doing this, it will be an inside job. What benefit to Russia would it be to give the US a Causus Belli? Are people really this dumb? Oh yes they are.

    Funny how we're still not allowed to hear the recordings of MH17 when usually these are released within weeks. Nothing to do with Kiev Air Traffic Control deliberately sending the plane over a warzone and having a fighter jet "escort" it!

  4. That test is from 2007. This is BS. Yes our systems are vulnerable, but this smells like propaganda.