October 16, 2014

Almost 50% of Americans Avoiding Air Travel Because of Ebola

According to a Reuters poll:
Asked which precautions they were taking in light of the Ebola epidemic, 45 percent of respondents said they were avoiding international air travel. Additionally, 57 percent said they were washing their hands more frequently and 47 percent said they were avoiding individuals who recently traveled to Africa.
Not only this, but Americans are avoiding other high-traffic areas:
"I had plans to go to California in the winter but if Ebola is spreading (in the United States), I will not go," poll respondent Deena Greenebaum, 68, said in an interview. "I will not go to the casinos, I will not go anywhere public. I will stay in my house in New Jersey."
What will this mean for the US economy, which is mostly built off the back of a confidence game that props up the entire system? Of course, survey results don't necessarily reflect reality. But watch for the impact to airlines as this unfolds.