July 4, 2013

Honda's EV, Wireless Car Charging, Peak Oil Resort and a Wind Powered Car


Honda drops the lease rate for it's Fit EV causing a temporary shortage. EV competition is increasing while prices continue to drop. Honda cut it's lease down to $259 a month. This cheap 3 year lease requires no down payment, comes with unlimited mileage, free routine maintenance and free collision coverage. The Fit's electric range of 82 miles is more than the Nissan Leaf.

Hands free wireless car charging is finally here. Evatran will be installing Bosch's level 2 plugless charging system for both the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt. This should help speed the adaption of EV's. A vehicle adapter is installed in the car the charging pad is attached to the floor of the parking spot or garage. You just park over the charging pad and walk away from the car.

In a post peak cheap oil world people may not be able to afford to fly to go on vacation. Also, the air quality may continue to worsen. Germany may have addressed both of these issues. They converted a giant military airship hangar into a full fledged year round tropical island type resort. It has a beach, waterpark, shopping, restaurants, hotels even a spa. It's completely indoors so you won't get a suntan. It's located just a short drive from Berlin. In the future, as air quality becomes more toxic, I won't be surprised if the very wealthy live year round in these types of places while the rest of us breath in the tailpipe of modern society.

A battery and wind powered car crossed Australia for about $15 worth of electricity. They were able to supplement this by using a giant kite to pull the car down the road. The car was a showcase for special tires and lightweight materials. Car companies around the world have to figure out how to lighten their cars as they adapt to higher gas prices and new fuel economy standards.

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