May 2, 2013

Stasi in Amerika: Girl Slammed in Possible Illegal Arrest by Alaska State Trooper

From Wikipedia:

Stasi: The Ministry for State Security (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, MfS), commonly known as the Stasi (IPA: [ˈʃtɑːziː]) (abbreviation German: Staatssicherheit, literally State Security), was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic or GDR (informally known as East Germany). It has been described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world.[2][3][4][5][6][7] The Stasi was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city. The Stasi motto was "Schild und Schwert der Partei" (Shield and Sword of the Party), that is the ruling Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED). Several Stasi officials were prosecuted for their crimes after 1990.

An overreaction on my part? Perhaps, but the abuse of power must be met by overreaction to prevent it from spreading like a cancer. However, I guess the point of debate is whether her move to close the door could be interpreted as threatening. Still, I think many would agree that this is unsettling.

The girl is reportedly facing four misdemeanor charges of fourth degree fear of injury assault,fourth degree-degree reckless injury assault,resisting arrest by force and disorderly conduct.