May 21, 2013

Emergency Lighting Candlelier Lantern

The Candlelier is this great device here that has three nine hour candles inside. It does a few different things. First, we're going to try and light these. You can see each of these cylinders pushes up the candle, there's a spring inside that pushes the candle up as it burns down which I think is a great idea. What this does is it creates light, it's basically a lantern for nine hours. It also produces some heat and you can heat up hot water. When the power is out you can have a cup of noodles or tea. They also make a small one. You can do a little cup of tea. You can heat up a smaller pot of water. Each of the nine hour candles come in three packs. They don't smell as bad as some other candles. So I do like these. You can also get this Candlelier kit to hold the whole thing, you can put your candles up front. It's a really great thing. You always want another way to heat up hot water and provide light for when the power is out.