May 5, 2013

6 Quotes by Father of Value Investing, Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham (May 8, 1894 – September 21, 1976) was a British-born American economist and professional investor. Graham is considered the first proponent of value investing, an investment approach he began teaching at Columbia Business School in 1928 and subsequently refined with David Dodd through various editions of their famous book Security Analysis.

"If you are shopping for common stocks, choose them the way you would buy groceries, not the way you would buy perfume."

"Individuals who cannot master their emotions are ill-suited to profit from the investment process."

"Obvious prospects for physical growth in a business do not translate into obvious profits for investors."

"The investor's chief problem - and even his worst enemy - is likely to be himself."

"To achieve satisfactory investment results is easier than most people realize; to achieve superior results is harder than it looks."

"In the world of securities, courage becomes the supreme virtue after adequate knowledge and a tested judgment are at hand."