April 9, 2013

Overnight Reads: North Korea, Bill Gross, Infrastructure and Jobs

1. North Korea Pulls Out of Last Joint Project with South Korea
North Korea said Monday that it was withdrawing all of its 53,000 workers from the industrial park it runs with South Korea, suggesting that the North was seeking to portray itself as willing to subordinate financial gains to political and military priorities as it increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

2. Bill Gross: What Defines a Great Investor (Video)
Pimco's Bill Gross discusses investing in stocks and bonds with Adam Johnson and Sara Eisen on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart."

3. Infrastructure Spending and the Myth of the Falling Bridge
There's more than a touch of Chicken Little in common arguments for more infrastructure spending. "The bridges are falling, the bridges are falling!"

4. Vanishing Workforce Weighs on Growth
Put out an all-points bulletin: Millions of Americans have gone missing from the workforce.
Every month that those would-be workers are gone raises the odds that they might never come back, dimming the prospects for future economic growth.