April 5, 2013

Morning Read: Kyle Bass and George Soros on Japan, Plus More

1. North Korean Nukes: How Worried Should We Be?
"North Korea can destroy Seoul tomorrow if it chooses, so that’s a real threat."

2. Study: 28% Increase In Thyroid Problems In Babies Born After Fukushima in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington
[The study found that] children born in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington between one week and 16 weeks after the meltdown began are 28 percent more likely to suffer from congenital hypothyroidism (CH) than were kids born in those states during the same period one year earlier.

3. Japan Aims for the Fences with Radical Monetary Policy Acceleration
“Kuroda did it,” Masaaki Kanno, economist at JPMorgan Securities Japan, said in a note to clients. “This is a historical change in the B.O.J.’s policy.” 

4. Soros: What Japan is Doing is Quite Dangerous
 "If what they are doing gets something started, they may not be able to stop," he said, referring to the yen, which has fallen sharply in recent months on expectations of aggressive monetary easing.

5. Kyle Bass: Japan Experiment is a Huge, Risky Experiment
 "What they're trying to do is materially devalue the currency, in order to become slightly more trade competitive, while attempting to hold their rates marketplace flat," Bass said. "The economists and central bankers believe they can live in that nirvana, and I believe that's not the case. I believe they will lose control of rates."

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