April 15, 2013

Monday Morning Reads

1. Robert Shiller: Why Home Prices Change (or Don't)
WHAT prices will today’s home buyers get if they sell a decade from now?
Most people live in their home for many years. They don’t need to view it as an investment at all, but if they do, they surely need a long forecasting horizon. 

While gold is often used as a hedge against inflation the breadth of the recent sell sell-off will underline some expectations that gold's meteoric rally may be coming to an end after 12 years of gains.

...there's substantial evidence that suggests inequality, in and of itself, generates a whole slew of social problems that are harmful to individual and collective wellbeing.

 Some slow, some fast deaths for business models that broke years ago.

Bitcoin might be a bubble or it might be THE FUTURE, but there's one thing it's not: a currency. It's a tech stock. The question is whether it's Pets.com or Paypal.