April 7, 2013

Hugh Hendry, "God is a genius because he is a sloth"

Video author's description: Hendry has become known in the UK for his outspoken commentary on the financial crisis. On an episode of the BBC's Newsnight programme aired on 9 April 2010, Hendry began his response to comments by the Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz on the financial position of Greece by saying, "Erm, hello. Can I tell you about the real world?"On the same programme in May 2010, Hendry responded to a question from host Jeremy Paxman about the current European economic situation and the possibility of a Greek sovereign debt default with the comment, "I would recommend you panic"

Hugh Hendry is the founding partner and, at various times, the chief investment officer, chief executive officer and chief portfolio manager of Eclectica Asset Management. He has come to attention for a contrarian investing strategy that saw his fund achieve a 31.2 per cent positive return in 2008 in the depths of the financial crisis. He came to wider public notice in a series of outspoken media appearances and has been referred to as "the most high-profile Scot" in the hedge fund sector