April 8, 2013

AM Reading: Dylan Grice, Sell in May, Bitcoins and More

1. Energy Watch Group: Fossil and Nuclear Fuels - The Supply Outlook
Conventional oil production peaked around 2005 and has plateaued ever since.

2. 50 Common Cognitive Distortions
Don't let these perception errors ruin your day.

3. Why it Pays to Sell in May and Go Away
Investors should strongly consider cutting their stock exposure this coming May Day and parking the proceeds in cash until Halloween.

4. Investor Frenzy over Housing Market May Have Peaked

...and why this may be a good thing for housing

5.  Dylan Grice on the Impending Doom in Japan
An oldie, but a good perspective on the slippery slope Japanese monetary policy is riding

6. Bitcoin Really Is an Existential Threat to the Modern Liberal State
So far, Bitcoin is not a big deal. Its total value in circulation was $1.4 billion as of this week. That's equivalent to the currency stock of a small nation -- somewhere between Iceland and Uruguay -- and just one-thousandth of the total value of U.S. dollars in circulation. The volume of transactions in Bitcoin is growing only slowly, relative to the massive increase in demand for the currency: This discrepancy is strong evidence that Bitcoin’s rise is a speculative bubble.